We’re The Core Story and for over a decade we have been taking global organisations on transformative journeys that generate excitement and get everyone working as one team.

And we’d love to help you do the same. 

Our mission is to create a more meaningful future for everyone.


Bring strategy alive for everybody, every day to drive sustainable change.

Create a purpose-led organisation to future proof your business

Enable Inspiring Leadership


For Leaders & Teams

Ignite Your Influence

Speak with impact  |  Better pitches and presentations every time  |  Group Coaching

The purpose of this Programme is to enable you to deliver presentations with impact and create a strong emotional connection with your clients and other stakeholders. 6 sessions, 2.5hr online sessions once a week over 6 weeks (for a group)

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For Leaders & Individuals

Storytelling in Business

You and your leaders should be telling stories.

We help your team members awaken their narrative intelligence, becoming better storytellers – and better innovators. Narrative intelligence goes beyond simple storytelling. It’s an advanced understanding and application of how stories influence, motivate, and move people. It’s about crafting authentic narratives that are not only heard but felt and acted upon.

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For Organisations

The Power of One Team

Unlock potential  | Drive performance  | Synergise your team

We guide teams through a process of exploring who they are and what they care about to uncover their collective heartbeat. As they clarify their shared values and purpose, their contribution to the organisation’s broader objectives becomes obvious.

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