We use a combination of techniques drawn from our experience in international business strategy, performing and creative arts, leadership development, broadcasting and journalism. We identify meaningful business stories on which strategies can be based and implemented.

Strategies based on authentic stories create more effective leaders, positive cultures and successful transformations.


Authentic Leadership

Strategy Story

Stakeholder Engagement

Energise Culture

Business Transformation

Audience Engagement


For Companies

Strategy Story

We identify your unique and authentic qualities and craft your bespoke strategy story, specifically designed to activate your business. This brings clarity to complex environments, stimulating engagement and enthusiasm among personnel, customers and stakeholders. What makes you unique, makes you powerful.

Each programme is tailored to a company’s needs.

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For Leaders

Leading with Authenticity

If you lead with authenticity you build trust. We establish your authentic voice, you regain the ability to connect directly with individuals and audiences as your real, authentic self. They see a truer you, more fluid, with natural ability and inspiring. Your authentic voice attracts and inspires people around your vision.

3 Modules (total of 13 sessions) 1hr online sessions once a week over 13 weeks.

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