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Yolande Coombes Psychologist, Coach & Facilitator

Leadership is about having a clear vision or strategy and communicating it effectively to the entire organisation. 

Simply stating the purpose and values of an organisation is not enough to inspire people to action. People need more than the ingredients.



‘Is execution where good strategies go to die?’

Bonchek, 2017        

This video recounts a conversation between two leaders of global organisations. One leader expresses frustration about how long it takes to get a strategy across to the entire organisation. The other leader points out that it is their job to communicate the strategy continually, but that talking about the elements of the strategy is like giving people a list of cake ingredients without actually baking the cake. In other words, simply stating the purpose and values of the organisation is not enough to inspire people to action. The missing link, according to the speaker, is the story.



Storytelling is a powerful tool that can help leaders to create a sense of purpose and meaning around their strategy. It is not enough to simply list values and goals; leaders need to create a compelling narrative that engages people emotionally. This means listening to people’s stories, understanding their perspectives, and creating a shared vision that everyone can rally around.

Creating an authentic narrative that resonates with people’s values and beliefs is critical. This means being willing to take risks and be vulnerable, sharing personal stories demonstrating the values and ideas driving the organisation. Leaders can build trust, foster engagement, and drive results by doing so.


Cake! It’s delicious, and if done well, deeply satisfying. 

In conclusion, leaders who want to inspire their teams and create a sense of purpose and meaning around their strategy should not just list their values and goals as ingredients. They should take the time to bake their strategy cake and share it with the world through the power of storytelling.


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