What is improvisation?

Muireann Ryan 'The Wave Maker' Executive Voice Coach & Co-Founder

Improvisation is one of the core techniques used by actors. It stretches the imagination, sparks spontaneity and can lead to unforgettable performances. Our very own Neil is a professional improviser and stage performer and has performed his signature improv show ‘Neil+1’ to audiences around the world.

This brings a unique energy and practical approach to his work, enabling him to transform the energy within a group, a skill he teaches others. Neil +1 is a unique improvised theatre show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member. Completely unplanned and improvised, an audience member is invited up on stage and becomes a leading performer in the show! There are no tricks, plants or gimmicks; everything is made up on the spot. What unfolds is a journey into an alternative view of the life of the audience member, through character, scenes and narrative. Often hilarious and always touching, witness improv and theatre like you have never seen it before! Take a look in the video below.


Neil + 1 from Barcelona Improv Group on Vimeo.

Neil Curran: Professional Improviser / Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach / Event Speaker

Neil+1 has also been performed on the London West End, San Francisco, Brussels, Barcelona, Orlando, San Jose, Krakow and Belfast. Neil has also performed a hybrid show with Zmack Comedy’s Curt Mabry entitled, “Neil + Curt” in Shanghai. No stranger to the international stage, he has also performed improv in New York and L.A.. Neil is founder of Improv Fest Ireland.

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